Burns First Aid

Cling Film – in Burns First Aid

Cling film is a long and well respected method of dressing burns by the NHS Emergency Ambulance Services and forms a key part of the Emergency Response Packs carried. It is also a valuable tool in any first aid kit and especially those working in Remote or Hard to get locations. It is also the recommended dressing by the British Burns Association in its First Aid Position Statement.*

  • It is waterproof; this makes it ideal for those providing first aid out of doors.
  • It is airtight – this keeps moisture in (ideal for burns or exposed bones / tissue) and infection out.
  • It is inherently clean – it is not sterile but the manufacturing process (in combination with the above two points) means that once the first ‘wrap’ has been removed from the roll, it is as clean as anything you will find in a pre-hospital environment.
  • It is transparent – being able to monitor the wound site.
  • It is malleable – being able to contort to complicated body shapes like fingers, toes or joints where other dressings may struggle to completely seal, especially with continual movement.
  • It is thin and light to carry.
  • A 30cm x 100m roll is light and easy to pack in to any response bag or pack.
  • When it is cold ordinary cling film becomes very fragile with the potential to either unravel in strips or simply tear when being applied, our Wrapmaster is heavy gauge allowing for use in any environmental conditions including winter.

The advice here is given as an overview of what our trainers teach on our First Aid at Work, Low, Medium & High Risk Environments, Outdoor Pursuits First Aid and First Responder courses as standard. Those attending our training will be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to treat burns and scalds. Check out our full course menu from our home page. In the meantime take a read through the British Burns Association Position Statement via the link below.