Camping, Bothying & Snow Hole’s

With the Winter season really upon us, there is one risk that often gets overlooked by the outdoor enthusiast and that is Carbon Monoxide (CO2) Poisoning in these conditions. Have you considered the risks to yourself, your family or friends when you pitch your tent and fire up that stove in the porch? Or perhaps lighting that fire in the bothy and using your stove to cook your evening meal? Or you may have to dig a hasty snow hole to escape the worst of the weather conditions and want to melt some snow for drinks. Have you considered how you monitor CO2 levels? You do at home, so why not when you take your home with you to the outdoors? We love following the Sharp End podcasts. They contain lessons for all types of outdoor enthusiast, camping, snow holing, bothying, boating or caravaning. Wherever you find yourself cooking in a confined space or taking shelter from the elements for extended periods of time you can learn from these podcasts.

Before you leave home you :-

Food – Check – Water – Check – Head torch – Check – Stove & fuel – Check – Food – Check – Sleeping systems – Check – Clothing & pack – Check – First Aid Kit – Check – Navigation Kit – Check – Spare clothing – Check – CO2 Monitor —???urm Check!!!

Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-sharp-end/id1080036452?i=1000458352937