Wilderness First Responder, who joins us?

This week, Monday 10th February 2020, our next cohort under taking the QNUK First Responder (RQF) training and assessment course including the administration of medical gases kicks off. based at our Mountain Training Centre in Snowdonia National Park, near the coastal town of Porthmadog. This weeks students are all nationally recognised first aid tutors who are seeking to expand their knowledge, skills and decision making when treating and caring for acasulty, specifically in remote & wilderness locations. We will add to this post over the next five days the course is running, with feedback from the students themselves and the training team on their personal development throughout the week, leading to their final OSCE assessments during Thursday and Friday. Check back later to read more on this story.

Monday 10th February 2020

With storm Cira, hitting the UK over the weekend, the weather remained unsettled. Sadly two students were unable to attend the weeks programme due to the weather and are now joining us in Brecon later in the month.

The two delegates who manged to brave the wind, rain and Mondays snow,

Teams were out locally to us today (Monday 10th Feb) clearing access routes.

visited the basics first off, the ABC’s of first aid, throughout the day developing skills such as advanced airway management, taking & recording a patients observations and first responder equipment throughout.

Nick getting to grips with inserting an oropharyngeal airway. with Rock and Water Adventures

Tuesday 11th February 2020

Another windy but dry day, allowing the delegates to practice their skills taught in the morning theory sessions, underpinning the core first responder skill sets.

Here, Nick is taking a patient’s blood pressure, after his primary & secondary surveys. This allows the first responder to make forward decisions in their patient care plan, prior to handing over.

Check back tomorrow for a quick update on Tuesday training….