3 Layer Face Masks Mandatory on Public Transport in Wales

The Welsh Government has announced overnight (the 13th July) that the wearing of Three-Layer Face masks will be mandatory on all public transport across Wales. This includes buses, trains, taxis and private hire vehicles.

This means for the first time the public (in Wales or the UK) will have to purchase ready made 3-layer face masks from an approved stockist, such as Remote First Aid & Pre-Hospital Training Ltd.

Home made or other simple face coverings such as scarves will no longer meet these new mandatory standards for public travel across Wales from the 27th July 2020 and is subject to penalties if breeched.

Type i Face Mask

Additionally, face covering are mandatory in Scotland when entering shops and England it will be mandatory to wear a face covering from the 24th July when entering a shop. NI & Wales have not yet made a decision as to the wearing of face coverings in shops. It can be assumed that if the Welsh government has chosen to make mandatory the use and wearing of manufactured 3-layer face masks on its public transport system, that they would wish the public to wear 3-layer face masks in its shops.

Stocks allow for immediate purchase today from our store in supporting you remaining safe and protected when traveling or shopping in Wales. All orders will be prioritised in meeting Welsh Households demands on first come basis when ordering.

You can read the Welsh Governments announcement via the BBC news outlet HERE.