How Do Type I 3-Layer Masks Work?

Our UK made Type I 3-Layer face masks filter the expelled air/mucous/spit of the wearer to protect those around them from infection. These UK made 3-ply Type I masks, have three protective layers designed for both safety and comfort.

Here’s a little bit more about the materials used to create our UK made medical face masks.

1 The outer layer is made from nonwoven fabric which keeps the face masks splash resistant.

2 The middle layer is where the magic happens, as the meltblown nonwoven fabric acts as a protective filter, boasting > 95% bacterial filtration efficiency.

3 Finally, the hydrophilic inner layer is ultra-soft for sensitive skin and reduces moisture within the mask.

4 Complete with elasticated ear loops and adjustable wire nose bridge that bends to fit the shape of your nose, these comfortable, one-size-fits-all 3_layer Type I face masks are perfect for laypersons in the community setting.

Are You Ready for 27th July?

From the 27th of July, it is mandatory for customers to wear 3-layer face masks when accessing public transport across Wales. Avoid having to turn away business and help protect your staff by offering surgical masks to customers on arrival at your transport hubs. This rule also applies to Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles, so having a supply within each vehicles ensures your staff and the public remain safe when accessing your services.

Who Should Wear Medical Grade Face Masks?

Our range of surgical face masks are intended as an infection control measure and can be used across a range of professions where workers are on the frontline and come into contact with others, and are suitable for use in professional medical settings as medical devices.

Our Surgical face masks are ideal for laypersons, NHS workers, dentists, care home assistants, vets and other keyworkers who may be exposed to blood and other bodily fluids as part of their occupation.