Updated 22nd September 2020

Please note we are able to support employers across Great Britain in training their staff in a Covid Safe Environment in regaining their Emergency first aid or there First aid at work certificate. We are also able to support employers with staff whose training was suspended during the national lockdown who may have attended training with other providers. We remain committed in supporting the UK workforce and their employers in their workplace first aid training. The HSE do recommend that the annual first aider update can be completed fully on-line, again we can support you with our nationally recognised blended and fully on-line learning. Education & Training can take place so long as all Covid Secure measures are followed. We are a Covid Secure Business.

The Regulator for workplace first aid the Health & Safety Executive has updated its statement on First aid certificate extensions today. This was first released in March at the National Lockdown.

First aid certificate extensions

Offshore Medic and Offshore First Aid Certificates

First Aid at Work (FAW) and Emergency First aid at Work (EFAW) certificates requalification

First aid providers have resumed first aid training and assessment. In some cases, there remains a back log or limited availability.

From 31 October 2020 offshore medic (OM), or offshore first aid (OFA) certificates, must be current and in date. The temporary COVID-19 extension arrangements end.

FAW or EFAW certificates that expired after 16 March 2020 can remain valid until 31 October 2020 or 6 months from date of expiry, whichever is later. All requalification training for these certificates should be completed by 31 March 2021.

To qualify for the extension, employers must be able to demonstrate that:

  • they have made every effort to arrange requalification training as soon as possible and can explain in detail why they have not been able to do so. For example, they must show evidence that staff with expired certificates are booked on to EFAW or FAW requalification courses,  if requested by an inspector
  • they have adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities to give first aid to any employee who is injured or becomes ill at work
  • the level of first aid cover provided remains appropriate for their particular work environment
  • the level of first aid provision necessary in high risk settings is fully maintained, eg in construction, agriculture, engineering and chemicals

This guidance now applies to employers in England, Scotland and Wales.

Annual refresher training

If first aiders are unable to access annual refresher training face to face during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, HSE supports the use of online refresher training to keep their skills up to date.

HSE still strongly recommends that the practical elements of actual FAW, EFAW and requalification courses are delivered face to face, so that competency of the student can be properly assessed.

Interrupted first aid training

If because of coronavirus you cannot complete training for your first aid qualification within the usual timeframe, training can restart at a later date as long as:

  • a full recap of training delivered before the interruption is done before moving onto undelivered modules
  • the awarding body is content that you can show:
  • a full understanding of all aspects of the course content
  • the knowledge required and competencies at the end of the training

Employers and their first aiders can read the full text from the Regulator of workplace first aid below.

(Please note this only relates to the nationally recognised EFAwW& FAW certificates, all other first aid certificates that some NGB’s or other bodies wish do not fall in to these extensions.).


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