Thousands of school children have been sent home this week across the UK due to coronavirus cases rising. Over 30 schools have closed down completely with over 300 schools partially closed sending whole year groups home to isolate. (Source BBC News).

The coronavirus testing system is becoming strained and schools are increasingly concerned about keeping their staff and children safe. To do this, eliminating cross-contamination is crucial in these high-traffic areas due to the way the virus can survive on surfaces for so long.

Continu 2 – 1 Anti Microbial Wipes

Continu 2 in 1 products provide fast, effective and long lasting disinfection whilst removing dirt and grease to ensure surfaces are cleaned as well as decontaminated.

CONTINU 2 in 1 Alcohol Free Anti-Microbial Surface Disinfectant 5L Bottles are a class IIa CE marked product for the cleaning and disinfection of medical devices within surgeries in addition to being suitable for general surfaces. They provide fast, effective and long lasting disinfection whilst also ensuring surfaces are clean as well as decontaminated.

Used by Dentists to comply with Section 6.57 of HTM 01-05, so why compromise on products that may be less efficient in your School?

Our alcohol free wipes have a lower evaporation rate than alcohol based products, increasing the contact time with the treated areas and delivering a residual decontamination effect. Yellow product label and lid helps the Schools janitorial team to adhere to the national colour coding scheme for cleaning materials and identification.

For a more cost-effective solution and to reduce waste, refills are available for all Continu wipes and sprays. We are able to ship a single carton, single pallets to full lorry loads to your UK Organisation. All items are shipped in two working days.

If you require a reliable stock of disinfecting materials for your School, College, University, Shop, Pub, Restaurant, Café etc, then do get in touch with us to discuss your needs. Delivery is usually made within two working days from order and is free on these items.

To request a quote on these products tell us your requirements using the form below.

Let us know here if you are already using our services and require a new quote for additional projects.

Foot note on Education & Training in the Pandemic.

Remote First Aid & Pre-Hospital Training Ltd, continued to train Key Workers in compliance training throughout the National Lockdown. And again we continue to support business organisations operating through the current local and national restrictions that came in to force this week across the UK and devolved nations. Education & Training is allowed and can take place so long as it remains Covid Secure. We remain a Covid Secure training provider as we have done so throughout complying with all guidance & regulations.. In the initial outbreak we like many others had reduced output, but as we worked with Key Workers in maintain their compliance skills, we had to ensure continuity of support. This ranged from working with Awarding Organisations such as ProTrainings who could fulfil the required certification standards, through to keeping our staff & students safe in class along with our couriers to deliver goods and certification for us. We were supported and remain so by our partners at Nuview the makers of the Continu 2 – 1 disinfecting rage of products located just 20 miles from us in Stroud Gloucestershire.

Covid Secure Classroom

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