As we approach the winter months, and many of us are moving to fully indoor first aid training after the summer restart, we have been asked by employers and their delegates what are we doing to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 when students have to touch, lay and kneel on surfaces to demonstrate both CPR and the Recovery Position? Especially as Covid-19 can live up to **48 to 72 Hours.

We like all employers and business operators have had to review, revise and adjust our operating procedures to account for Covid-19. This includes increasing cleaning regimes and other preventative measures. Some simple steps to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 when performing Basic Life Support training, is that every learner is provided with the following individual training items in class. These are Own CPR Manikin face, Own CPR Pocket mask, Own single use flat Resuscitation shield, Own Vinyl Gloves, Own training dressings and bandages and own cleaning wipes. Additionally we used to provide lightweight camping mats to kneel and lay on to train and perform the recovery position in lessons. These are usually 1.80 metres long and only .55Cm wide. Meaning that students may be rolled on to a floor surface. We hold lightweight mats that are easy to wipe down clean with clinical wipes and are 1.80 metres long but are 1.00 metres wide. This affords additional protection to both students from ground surface contamination and from Covid-19 and other contaminants.

Other measurers we have taken is to provide wipe down blankets in the form of the 2-layer Blizzard Blanket. This affords another additional layer of protection from Covid-19 and other potential floor contaminates. These medical grade blankets are designed for reuse and again can be wiped down in between uses with standard clinical wipes and are rapid to dry. This alongside face masks, aprons, goggles and much more in keeping people safe from Covid-19 this coming winter in lessons.

Remote First Aid & Pre-Hospital Training Ltd. takes the health, safety and wellbeing of all it’s staff, students and the general population at the most highest level as you can see from the above. With over 600 students trained since recommencing training to the general workforce, we have reviewed and adapted our training provision.

** UK Government advice and statement on cleaning and decontamination

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