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Practiman Plus 4 Pack

Introducing you to quality CPR training. Real training in Real time, with visible light system showing you how you are performing.

We tested these on our training team, who all agreed that these Practiman Plus CPR Manikins not only improved there own skills, but also improved their students skills to! The key benefits why we have chosen these Practiman CPR Manikins with live training feedback, is that they allow each student to see how they are performing during lessons. Another unique feature in the new Covid-19 world, is that the expelled air from the manikin is filtered out the back of the head and bot out of the manikins mouth, like all other CPR manikins do. This reduces the risk are airborne droplets being expelled directly upwards around the class. This significantly reduces the risk of spreadin Viruses around our class’s.

Unlike other manikin systems on the market where training providers require you to have a tablet phone with wifi to communicate with your manikin, our selected Practiman Manikins uses Bluetooth technology between the tablet and the students manikin. This makes these ideal for our specialised first aid courses that we deliver out of doors, such as Outdoor Instructors, Activity, Forestry and Forest Schools First aid training. Watch the video below on how we are improving your skills in CPR. Or why not join us for your next First aid or CPR class soon. We are sure you will be amazed by the skills monitor and how it improves these vital and important skills. Maybe take our classroom challenge and have the opportunity to win a free course for your community group by beating your training in your class?

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