Infection prevention week 2020

We are Supporting Infection Prevention Week 2020

We’re incredibly proud to have supported many people and organisations around the country this year in their fight against infection with our wide range of infection control products.

Our packs are designed to reduce the spread of infection and help keep your staff safe in these extraordinary times.

Including face masks, gloves, surface wipes, hand sanitisers and many more options, we’re making it quick and easy for your staff to be equipped with their infection control essentials.

As a medical supplier working closely with medical personnel on the frontline, we have a responsibility to ensure good hygiene and infection prevention best practises are adhered to at all times, but this has become especially important in 2020 during the pandemic.

Some of the measures we are taking include:

  • Issuing individual PPE kits to all of our staff members.
  • Enforcing strict social distancing measures.
  • Heightening our cleaning and hygiene protocols on site and providing hand sanitising stations at many points throughout the building.
  • A stop/go system is in place for nature stops ensuring that only one individual is using the facilities at any given time.

Where we can, we have also ensured that members of our team who can work from home are working from home to stop the spread of the infection and our health and well-being team are in regular contact to ensure that these team members are still feeling ok during these times.

We highlighted three products that you will find around our centre and with our trainers in the field. These items are all UK made items, supporting the UK workforce and securing jobs and families.

UK Made Product

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