9, Feb 2021
RapidStop® Tourniquet
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The RapidStop ® tourniquet launched in August 2019 has become the tourniquet of choice for many professional frontline organisations and their training teams, such as the Metropolitan Police. The RapidStop® features a versatile design that is very easy to use and has a simple ratchet action allowing it to be very quickly applied on a patient or self-applied using only gross motor skills. When joining us on our high risk first aid training courses you will be introduced to and use RapidStop ® tourniquet learning its rapid application to major bleeding wounds.

We provide two short educational videos below to see the The RapidStop® Tourniquet in use or get in touch today below, if you would like to know more about this live saving category one device or to book a short two hour training session for your staff or would like us to post out the product brochure to you get in touch below.

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