Lockdown recovery plan?

Lockdown recovery plan?

It has been *reported in this weeks press reports, that the latest lockdown review will allow Outdoor Activities and Outdoor Sports to take place again after schools reopen. This will be a welcomed move for those many who enjoy outdoor adventure and sports. Over the last twelve months and three national lockdowns, we like you will be out exploring and enjoying our outdoor adventures. But like many we will approach our return to outdoor adventure sports and outdoor sports in a measured approach. From remaining Covid safe to refreshing our personal skills in all the outdoor adventure sports we have missed and love, such as rock climbing, canoeing, caving, hillwalking, mountaineering. In our return to outdoor sports, we will look at our own personal skills, rebuilding ones own confidence in handling our personal safety equipment, clothing and nourishment for a day out of doors. Another aspect is even though our training team have maintained some key safety knowledge having the ability to practice practical and memory reflex skills will need retuning after such a long lay-off.

Equipment checks.

Like us, you may have pulled your sports adventure kit form your cupboards in the hope of the days of returning to your chosen outdoor adventure sports playgrounds! From your personal PPE, such as buoyancy aids, helmets, ropes, lights, ruck sacs and backs through to first aid and safety back up kit, it is now is the time to check these are fit for purpose and ready for the go announcement when it comes later this year.

One often over looked piece of kit that usually sits at the bottom of any outdoor adventure pack is your first aid kit.

Open it up this week and check contents are all there and that the items are in-date, clean, with no broken seals and hopefully to remain sitting at the base of your pack this year.

Having and carrying your first aid kit is great, but ask yourself a few questions such as: do you have the ability to use all the kit safely and promptly if needed? Who do I call in an emergency when in a remote area? Can I stop and control a major bleeding wound on myself, my partner or friend? Does my resuscitation skills now match the required standards in this pandemic?

The world has changed during the global Covid-19 crisis; as has first aid skills to match the threat or cross contamination when performing first aid. There is an increased risk to all those involved in outdoor adventure sports as we return to ”play in 2021”. Not just from the continued threat of Coronavirus and its new mutations but ones own abilities after such a long lay-off.

If you would like to replenish or replace your outdoor adventure first aid kits, that are fit for the covid-19 world than pop over to our store to view our outdoor range of goods with our value waterproof outdoor first aid kits starting at just £11.49 offering more….


After such a long lay-off it is worth easing in to your chosen outdoor adventure sports slowly, not being over confidant, from where you last left off. Go back to basics and remember the principles of safety at all times, do not put yourself or others at risk. It has been well reported in the national press about individuals and groups putting the lives of the volunteer rescuers at risk by breeching the covid regulations in the past few week. As we all return to outdoor adventure sports we will be offering our 16 hour Outdoor Pursuits First Aid training course at 50% off during April and May at a number of our training centres around the UK. This means anyone aged 14 plus may join these courses for just £82.50 per person during April & May 2021.

As group accommodation is unlikely to reopen before June / July or even later this year, we have carefully selected four training venues whereby students may source approved overnight accommodation and which is allowed for training & education purposes at this time of transition. Our accommodation partner of choice is Travelodge for our trainers. Our carefully selected Covid Secure UK training venues are all located within 4 to 6 miles of the nearest Travelodge if students wished to book accommodation.

Please note to comply with current legalisation each student will be required to provide proof of exemption to stay at any accommodation for education and training needs on arrival. We are able to provide that proof once accepted on to our training courses by electronic means.

  • Chepstow South East Wales
  • Bangor, Gwynedd North West Wales
  • Talke Staffordshire England
  • Stirling Scotland

Outdoor First Aid (16 Hours) Mountain Training, British Canoeing & Cycling (remotefirstaid.co.uk)

*Lockdown roadmap: Outdoor activities to return & vaccine passport ‘discussed’ | Evening Standard

Plea to exercise locally after mountain rescuer seriously injured in 150m fall | Border | ITV News

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