Be Tick Aware 2021

Keeping Safe this Summer!

As we approach the warmer weather and we can all get out more often as the UK’s four Public Health Bodies advise on easing of current Pandemic restrictions, it is as ever important to remain ”Tick Aware” when heading out this summer. Below we provide links and information that will help you keep tick aware this summer and in to the autumn.

Public Health Advice

The UK Government Body ” Public Health England’s fact sheet, “Tick bite risks and prevention of Lyme disease” and other public health experts agree that it is extremely important to remove ticks safely, correctly and without delay due to the the risk of dangerous infection.
Basically, to keep the blood flowing, the tick will regurgitate into the host (you) after a few hours (expert opinions vary from 8 to 24hours ) but may occur sooner if you handle the tick incorrectly during removal.

How do you remove ticks safely?

The following method is what we use when encountering a tick. We reach for our trusted Tick Card that we carry in our own first aid kits. The card can be utilised by Forestry Workers and National Parks staff to safely remove ticks and reducing the chances of being exposed to life threating disease.

1) We grip the head of the tick close to the skin without squeezing it’s body.
If the tick’s body is compressed it is likely the tick will regurgitate into the host (you), therefore transmitting any dangerous disease it carries. SO WE DO NOT SQUEEZE ITS BODY !

2) We always try to remove the tick in a stress free, ‘clean’ swoop AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Injury, stress and irritation causes the tick to regurgitate into the host (you) – as does delay in removing. We do not suffocate, twist, poison or burn the tick while attached. We always remove any ticks as soon as possible without irritating or stressing it. The longer it stays attached to the host the higher the chances of it regurgitating and transmitting dangerous infection into the host (you). We always use the Tick Card to remove any ticks found on our training team, it is a trusted partner of choice for us!

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