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A bystander maybe on the scene before any medical emergency responder, therefore having the ability in controlling serious bleeding is key to saving a persons life.

Why attend our course?

Life-threatening bleeding can happen in people injured in serious incidents, accidents or disasters.

Instead of being a witness, you can save a life.

What will you learn?

The person next to a bleeding casualty may very well be the one who’s most likely to save them from bleeding to death. By learning how to control a severe bleeding wound, you’ll gain the ability to recognise life-threatening bleeding and act quickly and effectively to control this bleeding.

We deliver a nationally recognised and fully certificated short 2 hour course to provides a brief introduction to catastrophic haemorrhage with simple, practical interventions which can be used by anyone to save a life including:

  • Understanding Scene Safety
  • A unique, rapid casualty assessment methodology
  • The use of Tourniquets – commercial and improvised
  • The process of Wound Packing – haemostatic agents and improvised
  • Triage

Check out the full course programme and how to book or join a course near you soon. Joining this course could save yours or someone’s life.

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