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If your first aid training course is interrupted because of Coronavirus, then the following Interrupted Training Fees (Coronavirus) applies: (These are in addition to our standard Terms & Conditions of Training Provision)

  1. If training has to cease because of any coronavirus related stoppages for example (Isolation, Government Lockdowns, Local Authority Lockdowns, New Variant Outbreaks) then the invoice remains payable. This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change due to new variant outbreaks.
  2. Delegates can complete their training once allowed to do so, but must be able to demonstrate retained knowledge and skills taught on their course, before returning to the classroom. We test this by means of completing online modules related to the course type, the fee per person sitting these modules is set at £34.99 pp.
  3. If the delegates complete these related online modules successfully they will be allowed to re-join their course.
  4. Those unable to demonstrate the above will be required to attend a full course of instruction again, at their employers cost. The full fees would apply and new invoice would be generated.

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