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Blended Outdoor First Aid courses. (Updated 2nd November 2021).

The Professional Outdoor Body, the Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) along with its Forest Schools Association (FSA) and the following leading National Governing Bodies (NGB’s)

  • British Canoeing
  • Mountain Training UK
  • The Mountain Training Board Ireland
  • British Cycling
  • Royal Yachting Association
  • British Association of International Mountain Leaders,

remain committed to accepting a blended approach to first aid training during Covid-19 Pandemic. This approach was adopted in December 2020. And is in-line with the approach that the Health & Safety Regulator the Health & Safety Executive adopted in 2015 for those seeking compliant first aid training.

It is recognised that Covid-19 remains a challenge to all sectors, including the outdoor industry.

We provide the following nationally recognised blended first aid courses that will meet both IOL & FSA & outdoor NGB’s current position statements:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work,
  • Emergency First Aid at Work +F (Forestry),
  • First Aid at Work 24 hours for Outdoor Instructors (Initial course)
  • First Aid at Work 16 Hours for Outdoor Instructors (3 yearly requalification course),
  • First Aid at Work +F 24 Hours,
  • Outdoor First Aid, 8 or 16 hours for those attending assessment

The Blended Learning approach above provides a much easier way of satisfying an organisations Covid Mitigation requirements and greatly reduces both the number of people who are coming together and the length of time they would be in close proximity to others. The Welsh Government remains committed in it’s October 29th 2021 statement, that those who can work from home should do so. This blended approach will allow employers to demonstrate in Wales that they have reduced and mitigated risk reduction process.

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Covid-19 amendment to FSA Recognised FS Provider benchmark for First Aid | Forest School Association

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If you have any questions relating to the requirements of the outdoor sector, then feel free to drop us a message below. Our expert outdoor first aid tutors, hold a wide range of outdoor sector specific qualifications themselves, both land based and water based NGB’s.

Outdoor First Aid courses for Mountain Training, British Canoeing, British Cycling Coaches and Instructors and Royal Yachting Association Members.

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