6, Mar 2022
The Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kit:

What Business Owners Need to Know.

On the 22nd of May 2017, the Manchester Arena Bombing shook the foundations of not just the UK but the entire world. The attack took the lives of 22 people, the youngest being just eight years old. In total 1,017 people were injured by the blast of the bomb, made with nuts and bolts to act as shrapnel.

The attack had a drastic effect on Manchester hospitals and emergency services. Eight hospitals across Manchester were filled with casualties as doctors worked back to back shifts to tend to critically injured victims. Meanwhile, other injured people waited at the scene of the attack for hours to be tended to by paramedics.

Recent terror attacks, including the Manchester Arena Bombing, have shown members of the public to be forthcoming with help and support to those around them. Having access to first aid supplies during or immediately after a terror attack can increase someone’s chances of recovery and survival.

The Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kit

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office, in collaboration with medical experts, the UK Government has launched a Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kit contents list in November 2021. The kit list is designed to support members of the public with first aid for terrorism-related injuries when emergency services aren’t nearby. We have produced a PAcT First Aid kit inline with these guidelines with business operators in mind.

In this article, we’ll cover exactly what you need to do as a business owner or operator to prepare a first aid response for a terror attack.

The PAcT First Aid Kit

The PAcT First Aid Kit has been designed to offer essential first aid for terror attacks. The kit takes into consideration the potential severity of injuries, such as deep cuts, loss of limbs, and laboured breathing, as well as the state of the first aid provider.

The Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kit Contents

Benefits of PaCT First Aid Kit:

  • Can be used by an injured person to treat themselves
  • Designed to be used by anyone, even young people and people who have had no medical training
  • These kits are recognised by the Emergency Services UK-wide, helping them to form part of a paramedics first aid response
  • Supports the treatment of life-threatening injuries including major bleeding, unresponsiveness, and irregular or absent breathing

Find out what else you can do with a PaCT First Aid Kit from the UK government.

How can businesses prepare?

Both private and public sector businesses have been strongly recommended by NaCTSO and the UK government to “enhance their first aid preparedness and response planning, so it takes into account the likely injuries as the result of a malicious event, such as a terrorist attack or other large scale event”

While the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require that employers provide adequate equipment and facilities to their staff in the event of a first aid emergency, there isn’t yet a legal requirement to offer publicly available first aid supplies. Together with the HSE strongly recommending non-employees be included in first aid assessment and provision, the introduction of the PaCT Kit is the first step in changing this legislation. 

When it comes to offering first aid, being prepared is sometimes the difference between life and death. Equip your business with a PaCT kit now and make sure you can offer people essential support when they need it the most.

PacT First Aid kits – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


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