6, Mar 2023
Importance of First Aid in the Workplace

How important is First Aid in the Workplace?

What are the requirements?

Having a First aider at work is necessary for compliance with the HSE (Health and Safety Executive – the UK government agency responsible for the enforcement and regulation of workplace health). This means it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that when an accident occurs, the affected individuals receive the appropriate aid from someone who has completed a First Aid course.

What you need to consider:
The risk of injury and ill health in the workplace, Specific risks in the workplace e.g. working with hazardous substances, Varying levels of risk in different areas, Previous accident and ill-health ,and age of employees on site, Inexperienced workers, employees with disabilities or with special health problems, The number of buildings or floors on the premises, Shift work or out of hours work, Location of the workplace relative to emergency medical services, Employees who travel as part of their job or work from home, Employees that work on sites belonging to other employers, Any work experience trainees or other minors on site, If the site is open to the public and how many visitors are expected on the premises.

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