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17, Aug 2022
ILS training Level 3 – Immediate Life Support Course

Our ILS training holds a level 3 certification and can be completed either fully face to face or via the recognised blended route. The immediate life support course is aimed at all healthcare professionals & providers, including Doctors, Nurses, Locums, GP’s and Dentists who are required to hold an up to date ILS (immediate life support) training certificate.


This course was developed in line with the latest UK legislation & guidelines and meets the requirements set out by the National Health Service (NHS), Resuscitation Council (UK), Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Skills for Care.

This level 3 ILS training course for the healthcare provider should be completed by those who work in health and social care services, particularly those in patient facing clinical roles. Also suitable for any medical professional who is required to undertake immediate life support, ILS training to keep their resuscitation skills current and up to date.


  • Causes and prevention of cardio-respiratory arrest
  • Legal obligations, DNACPR forms
  • Chain of survival, early recognition, early CPR, early defibrillation
  • Post resuscitation care, early recognition of the deteriorating patient, National Early Warning Score (NEWS), SEWS
  • ABCDE to the deteriorating patient, ABCDE approach – underlying principles, ABCDE approach in practice, DRSABCD
  • Causes and recognition of airway obstruction, treatment of airway obstruction, choking, mild choking, severe choking, treatment of choking
  • Adult algorithm, paediatric algorithm, small child – baby algorithm
  • Advanced life support (ALS) algorithm, confirming cardiac arrest, chest compression’s


On completion of your training, you will receive your e-certificate direct to your in-box.


Our ILS course for immediate life support will help you stay compliant with your immediate life support training requirements and is conducted by our nationally approved ILS trainers and is for nurses, doctors, paramedics, dentists, GP’s, locums & all medical professionals & providers working in Primary Care.


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Check our current face to face and blended training courses we deliver for Primary Care Providers, including our ILS for HCP’s and ILS training for Dental practitioners below.

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15, Aug 2022
Administration of medicines in anaphylaxis by first aiders

Some workers carry their own medications that has been prescribed by their doctor for example an inhaler for their asthma. If an individual needs to take their own prescribed medication, the first-aider’s role is generally limited to helping them to do so and contacting the emergency services as appropriate.

However, this does not apply to the administration of prescription only medication specified in Schedule 19 of the Medicines Regulations 2012, where this is for the purpose of saving life in an emergency. Adrenaline 1:1000 up to 1 mg for intramuscular use in anaphylaxis is an example.

Where the business first aid needs assessment identifies that Schedule 19 medication may be required to be administered in an emergency, the employer should consider providing workplace first aiders with additional training in their use.

Remote First Aid & Pre-Hospital Training provides additional training to support employers workplace first aiders by providing additional training when requested.

We provide a half-day Anaphylaxis Awareness training course if your risk needs assessment indicates this training then you may head over to the page at Anaphylaxis Awareness Level 2 | Half-day Nationwide Training (