Face to face first aid training protocols – Coronavirus

This update outlines our policy and interventions to reduce the risk of communicating COVID-19 while delivering Face-to-Face training. Rational: We have enacted the following from advice given from the First Aid Quality Partnership and which the Health & Safety Regulator (the HSE) is a primary member along with Employers Bodies, the Unions and Education Regulators. This advice contains scientific…

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Coronavirus (CoVid-19), Social Distancing & First Aid

Coronavirus (COVID-19), Social Distancing and First Aid | Remote First Aid A Best Evidence Review – 28th April 2020 With each passing day, the UK population is having to adapt to changes in their lifestyle and working patterns which five weeks ago would have seemed implausible.  Families are sitting round dining tables balancing the demands of homeschooling and entertaining children,…

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Paediatric First Aid – EYFS

Remote First Aid | Friday 24th April 2020 | Paediatric First Aid Today the UK Government updated their information and guidelines in respects to Paediatric first aid within the Early Years Foundation Setting (EYFS) during the Coronavirus Covid 19 outbreak. These guidelines only apply to EYFS in England. This guideline changes refer to ”Best Endeavours” on what a provider…

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Student Safety

With the likely resumption of face to face training commencing from the 1st of June 2020, Remote First Aid have taken the following steps to ensure social distancing rules are maintained whilst employing rigorous cleaning regimes. Below you can find the measures we have in place that have been well practiced and found to work. This will ensure that…

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Lone Working

Employers, must manage any health and safety risks before people can work alone. Employers must applly this to anyone contracted to work for them, including self-employed people. The HSE has updated its current guidelines in light of a large part of the UK workforce operating from home where possible, during the Covid-19 Pandemic as part of the Emergency Legislation. This…

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The Circuit

The Circuit

We’re supporting the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) national defibrillator register, designed to help medical professionals and members of the public find their nearest AED in the event of a cardiac arrest. Remote First Aid has already registered its AED and is now calling on customers and instructors to do the same. The Circuit This BHF project, partly funded by…

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Working from home

Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as for any other workers. When someone is working from home, permanently or temporarily, as an employer they should consider: How will they keep in touch with you? What work activity will you be doing (and for how long)? Can it be done safely? Do you they to…

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Position Statement on Covid-19 in relation to CPR in community settings

On the 22nd March 2020, The Resuscitation Council of the United Kingdom, published a statement on the protocols to be followed during the Covid-19 Pandemic for laypeople. Those laypeople and first responders with a duty of care (workplace first-aiders, sports coaches etc.) that may include CPR should be guided by their employer’s advice. Those laypeople will include supermarket first…

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The Prime Ministers Speech

Monday 23rd March, 2020 at 20.30 hrs The Prime Minister announced at 20.30 on Monday 23rd March that new restrictions were being rolled out to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Read or watch the Prime Minister’s speech.  “From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home.  “Because the critical thing we must do…

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