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Covid-19 Secure Training

Employers across the UK & Great Britain are allowed to continue to book face to face classroom based workplace Education & Training for compliance needs. Such training includes First aid at work, Emergency first aid at work and Paediatric first aid.

We have taken the following steps to mitigate the workplace risks during this pandemic to make our workplace and teaching and training practices Covid-secure.

  • Review our Covid Risk assessment
  • Adopted Social distancing
  • Increased Cleaning, hygiene and handwashing
  • Monitor Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Talk to staff and provide information
  • Working from home where we can
  • Protecting Vulnerable workers

Risk assessment

We updated our risk assessment to manage the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) across all our business operations. This helps us understand how we can work safely and protect people.

Social distancing

In Wales it is a legal requirement to remain 2 metres apart at work and in public. If this is not viable, keeping 1 metre apart with risk mitigation is acceptable. We have adopted this approach across the UK workforce also.

Cleaning, hygiene and handwashing

We all have a part to play in this pandemic, therefore adopting a strong ethic in hand hygiene is crucial. We have increased access to hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities at all of our centres. It is a critical part of making and keeping our business COVID-secure.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Good ventilation (including air conditioning) can help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. We have adopted simple steps to improve ventilation while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your workplace, by opening windows when lessons are running, performing part of our lessons out of doors and where it is impossible to open windows, move lessons to those that do open. Where this is not possible then working from home is put in place.

Our trainers are key

Every trainer is encouraged to report back in real time and Consult with us on any Health & Safety issues as normal, this includes any issues found during this pandemic. We and they engage regularly on the steps we’re taking to manage the risk of coronavirus in our workplace where we can:

  • explain the changes we’re planning to work safely
  • make sure changes will work and hear their ideas
  • continue to operate your business safely

Working from home

Where we can safely do so, we will work from home. For our people who are working from home we have:

  • provide the equipment they need, such as computer, phone and videoconferencing facilities.
  • keep in regular contact with them, making sure you discuss their wellbeing
  • provide access to mental health wellbeing support

Vulnerable workers

We have considered our staff who are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus and put controls in place to reduce that risk, such as working from home.


We make your and our health and safety as a priority at all times. This now include protecting you and us from the new Corona Virus (Cov-SARS -19) known widely as Covid-19, which was officially declared within the population from March 23rd 2020. The fast paced changes as how to work safely is evolving at times daily. Our management team now meet weekly to review the current guidelines on providing safe and secure working environments including our teaching and training practices.

We all have a part to play in remaining COVID secure. We and we expect you to know and follow the rules on personal health and wellbeing at all times along with acting responsibly when joining us. All our training venues are smoke free and in wales educational establishments are required by law to be smoke free from the 5th March 2021.

Here is the link to the UK Governments dedicated pages on Covid 19 (this covers the law & regulations in place for England. There are differing laws and rules for the devolved nations and links to their dedicated pages can be read below via the following links:

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

As a cross border training provider in all four nations we remain committed to ensuring that we are keeping people safe and COVID secure.

Last updated 5th March 2021.

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