Covid-19 Secure Training

Employers across the UK & Great Britain are allowed to continue to book face to face classroom based workplace Education & Training for compliance needs. Such training includes First aid at work, Emergency first aid at work and Paediatric first aid.

We make your and our health and safety as a priority at all times. This now include protecting you and us from the new Corona Virus (Cov-SARS -19) known widely as Covid-19, which was officially declared within the population from March 23rd 2020. The fast paced changes as how to work safely is evolving at times daily. Our management team now meet weekly to review the current guidelines on providing safe and secure working environments.

Reading this guidance for employers will also be beneficial to workers and the self-employed.

It gives an overview of the things we have done to help make your work and workplace COVID-secure by performing the following:

  • Carrying out Risk assessments
  • Maintaining Social distancing
  • Increasing our Cleaning, hygiene and handwashing
  • Sharing this information with our staff and provide information
  • Working from home when we can
  • Supporting Vulnerable workers

Risk assessment

We have reviewed our centres risk analysis to manage the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) to our business and acted on these findings.

Social distancing

In Wales it is law that people remain two-metres apart at work, In England & Scotland the rule is where possible remain two-metres apart at work, but we have adopted the same regime when providing training across the UK. Employers are required to include social distancing within their risk analysis.

Cleaning, hygiene and handwashing

Keeping our workplace clean and with frequent handwashing reduces the potential for coronavirus to spread. It is a critical part of making and our business COVID-secure.

Common areas within workspaces, employers must include how to manage these areas to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Common areas, include, lifts, kitchens, rest rooms, changing areas and showers, reception areas and canteens. Pinch points areas must be included, such as clocking in areas, corridors between areas etc.

Face Masks

On entering our premises, all persons are required to wear mask, including in lessons. Those that are claiming an exemption for medical needs, should not be attending work or training in a public area and are expected to work from home. It is law that face masks are worn in all enclosed public areas and on public transport.

Talk to workers and provide information

Employers are required by law to talk to their workforce and to provide information. This includes:

  • explain the changes you’re planning to work safely
  • make sure changes will work and hear their ideas
  • continue to operate your business safely

We expect our clients we work with to meet the standards that we are following here. This is communicated at time of booking to ensure all remain COVIS secure.

Working from home

It is expected that everyone should be working from home. Where this is not possible, enhanced cleaning, staggered working hours, not using public transport is required to be in place to reduce contact with others.

Vulnerable workers

Employers have a have a legal duty to protect workers from harm. They should make sure they consider the risk to workers who are particularly vulnerable or clinically extremely vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19) and put controls in place to reduce that risk.


We all have a part to play in remaining COVID secure. We and we expect you to know and follow the rules on personal health and wellbeing at all times along with acting responsibly.

Here is the link to the UK Governments dedicated pages on Covid 19 (this covers the law & regulations in place for England. There are differing laws and rules for the devolved nations and links to their dedicated pages can be read below via the following links:

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

As a cross border training provider in all four nations we remain committed to ensuring that we are keeping people safe and COVID secure.

Last updated 20th September 2020.

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