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Quality Assured

Fully accredited training

Internal and External Accreditation is an accepted norm for Quality Assurance in respects to adult training and education provision across the United Kingdom. This takes the form of both the training provider performing a range of internal quality processes and / or utilising an external body to fulfil the role of external quality assurance. This route meets the standards the Health & Safety Regulators (HSEGB & HSENI) require across the UK for the training delivery of workplace first aid instruction.

The First Aid Quality Partnership is a stakeholder group representing leading organisations in the first aid training industry from the Health & Safety Executive (HSEGB & HSENI, Royal Chartered, Accredited Awarding, the Emergency Services and Clinical Standards Bodies. Their vision is to maintain and improve quality standards in the provision of First Aid training and qualifications by working to help develop, promote and share good practice.

Delivering courses that are quality assured:

  • Makes us 100% accountable for everything we are providing to the client.
  • Allows us the flexibility to tailor courses to clients needs by working with our awarding & trade body partners.
  • Allows us to move with current changes in best practice by working with our awarding and trade partners.

So how do we maintain quality with internal and external accreditation?

Current Guidance

The content of our courses are cross-matched to leading UK and international advisory bodies including:

Number 11548

Via our Trade Partners at ProTrainings, we deliver accredited and endorsed training via:



Skills for Care


ACU Bike Sport GB

LTA British Tennis




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