This course is ideal for community AED groups, church groups, youth groups or families or individuals to give the basics of CPR and immediate care.  Knowing just the basics will give you the confidence to help the most serious condition of cardiac arrest.

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When & where?

Community groups and community councils may book this two-hour training course for dates and times the community needs. For example 9am to 11am on a weekend or 7pm to 9pm on a weekday evening.

Who should attend?

This training is for anyone aged 12 years plus in the community. To get the most from this training attendees would be expected to kneel at ground level to perform CPR skills in this training.

Topics covered

How is this qualification achieved?

Learners are continuously assessed by observation and questioning during the training.

Have any questions?

You can call us on 01291 661 765 or email

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