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We provide qualified insured first aiders for the workplace and public events cover.

As events return during this pandemic, we maybe able to provide qualified first aid cover from first aiders, Paramedics and Doctors depending on your needs assessment submitted to us.

Workplace Cover

Employers in this pandemic may operate with reduced first aiders, so long as the reduced ratios meets their risk assessment i.e. their workforce numbers are also reduced.

However workplaces may find they lack the required numbers of trained first aid personal in this pandemic and wish to continue operating until such time their first aiders return from isolation or absences. We can provide temporary first aid cover at your workplace at short notice, thus reducing impact on your operations.

Such sectors utilising our first aiders include food manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and hospitality sectors. Business may also share their first aiders with another business, again we can offer qualified first aiders to multi-use-sites such as industrial estates, retail complexes and entertainment complexes. All our first aid at work certificate holders have extensive operational skills, that go beyond the standard first aid at work certificate requirements. This guarantees after a short induction to your operations that they can respond to first aid incidents across your venue selected. All staff are deployed to your venue with first aid equipment and will provide BLS with AED when on duty for your business. If you require short notice first aid staff then email us direct quoting FAW-Cover in the subject line to:

Event Cover

Getting the right level of cover for your event. 

There are many factors that affect the level of cover you will need at your event. Find out more with our comprehensive list of event guidelines below. We do expect event organisers when contacting us to have completed their event risk assessment and associated documents and submit these on initial contact, for us to be able to provide a quote.

How we decide what level of cover you need

These are some of the factors we will consider when looking at a quote for your event:

  • Previous event data. For example, whether you’ve run the event before, and the previous casualty rates;
  • The type of event. For example, whether it’s a classical music concert, a rugby match or equestrian event;
  • Whether it is indoors or outdoors, and the type of venue;
  • Seated or standing audience;
  • Audience profile. For example, where it’s families, predominantly young people, or rival factions;
  • Size of audience (a rough estimation of what you would need might be 2 first aiders per 1000 people)
  • The kind of activity being carried out and whether it is high risk:
  • Time of year (this is particularly relevant to outdoor events)

You will also need to provide us with a risk assessment of your event. You can find out more on how to create a risk assessment on the Health and Safety Executive’s website

Event guidelines

When considering what first aid and or medical cover is right for your event, there are many guidelines out there to follow which might appear confusing. This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of event guidelines. As experts in the field with decades of experience, you can trust us to adhere to all the relevant industry guidelines in planning safe cover for your event. 

The main ones we use are the Purple Guide for event cover, and the Green Guide, which covers safety at sports grounds.

Other event guidelines

Athletics events Track & Field

If your event has UK Athletics Insurance, you will need to meet their standards of medical cover at events. You can check this via their website: UK Athletics Code of Practice. Their website also offers useful advice for completing risk assessments on athletics events.

What we offer

  • Highly trained & experienced staff at the medical grade required;
  • All first aid equipment and materials;
  • A dedicated point of contact;
  • Peace of mind that the health and safety of your event attendees are in good hands.

Get in touch today

Before you contact us?

Please remember this is your event, we expect you to have completed your event risk assessments and related paperwork for each planned event meeting your regulating bodies guidelines. When requesting a quote, please forward your planed events specific risk assessments and supporting documents, such as local authority approval or regulating body approval. We would also expect to view any previous events run, with accident and incident trends shown, this will help us in quoting the right level of cover for your planed event. In line with many of the above’s regulations we would expect, all supporting paperwork to be submitted no later than 3-months prior to the event taking place. Most event organisers plan 12 to 24 months in advance. Quotes we offer are valid for one calendar month from issue and subject to change after that date. Agreed costs are payable to secure the events cover in advance. We are unable to provide event cover at short notice, i.e within the next 3-months. .  


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