First aid training Wales, Monmouth, Gwent, Chepstow, Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucesterhire

Offering employers a wide range of workplace first aid training meeting the Health & Safety Regulations (First Aid 1981). Additionally other compliance first aid courses includes Paediatric first aid required for those working with Children in Early Years and Pre-School settings. Indeed all training leads to nationally recognised certification that employers will recognise and accept.

Our friendly staff are able to advise on British Standards workplace first aid equipment. Including advising on the sighting of the Samaritan Automated External Defibrillator and workplace British Standards 8599-2019 first aid equipment. Use the form below to get in touch. Alternatively visit our online shop here…

Let us know here if you are already using our services and require a new quote for additional projects.

Visit these sites directly in relation to choosing and selecting the correct level of first aid training for your workplace or activity.




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