Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2

Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 Award

Who is this training for?

This Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 training is aimed at all employees of an organisation. This includes line managers, supervisors and business owners. This training is also suitable for Care sector staff and Medical professionals.

How long will it take?

To complete this training learners will undertake a minimum of six hours of learning. You may choose a full face to face training course or complete a blended course where learners complete the on-line learning with assessments, followed by face to face learning.

  • Meaning of Mental Health and Mental Ill Health 
  • The Components of Mental Well-being 
  • Risk Factors Associated with Mental Ill-health Problems 
  • Examples of Mental Health Problems 
  • How Mental Health Problems Affect Day-to-Day Living 
  • Social and Cultural Attitudes to Mental Illness 
  • Mental Health and Discrimination 
  • Stereotyping in Mental Health 
  • Impact of Stigma in Mental Ill Health 
  • Causes of Stress 
  • Signs and Symptoms of Useful and Harmful Stress 
  • Managing Stress 
  • Difference between Anxiety and Panic attack 
  • When is Anxiety a Mental Health Problem? 
  • Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Symptoms of Depression and Causes 
  • Managing Depression Mental Health in the Workplace 
  • Why is Mental Health not Discussed at Work? 
  • What Legislation applies to Mental Health UK? 

Assessment method

This qualification is assessed by completing practical exercises and a multiple-choice theory test.

Fees and Booking

Train up to 12 delegates at your venue for


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£55 per person

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Useful Information and Web Links

What mental health qualifications do the HSE accept, is it only mental health first aid?

The HSE has made an announcement that you do not have to just have one title to your mental health qualification.  Mental health in the workplace and first aid for mental health are the same as far as the HSE are concerned. We offer three levels of course and it can be taken as online, blended or class courses nationwide.

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