Primary Care Courses

Find a range of professional Primary Care training courses. These courses are for Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Dentists, who are working within all Primary Care settings and their staff teams. These courses may also suit Fire Service Technicians, the Police and Prison Officers working within their own specialised roles. All training meets the United Kingdom Resuscitation Councils Quality Standards for Primary Care Responders.

Healthcare ILS

A ILS course for Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics & First Responders which work in Primary Care. Complete your training online followed by your face to face assessment.

Dental ILS

This ILS course fulfils the General Dental Councils standards at Outcome C for Dental Practitioners, Dental Technicians and Dental Hygienists.

IPoS Responder

This training may suit a range of Professionals such as Fire Service Technicians, Police Tactical & Firearms & Prison Officer Responders.

BLS with AED

This training course meets the RCUK BLS with AED Quality Standards for all non-clinical staff working within Primary Care Settings.

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