Blizzard 2 Layer Compact Trauma Blanket


A compact 2-layer trauma blanket designed for use in emergency situations where, in particular, the upper body needs protection. Ideal for the back pack or in the car, Blizzard 2 Layer Compact Trauma Blanket gives great protection at an affordable price.

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A lightweight high performance 5 tog blanket. Ideal for any outdoor first aid situation. Those providing first aid will meet the the Three P’s of first aid. Preserving Life, Preventing further harm and Promoting recovery. By keeping your casualty warm and dry alongside your emergency care you will be fulfilling the Three P’s.

Key specifications are lightweight at just around 131 grams, small packed size at just 17cm x 17 cm x 1cm. Bright Orange.

Key features are lightweight and convenient to carry and designed to wrap around upper body, aids in hypothermia management and is reusable.

This blanket is a high performance aid in treating casualties out of doors, is water & wind proof, comes in at 5 Togs, the same as a regular sleeping bag. The blanket is light enough to carry on any outdoor event and ideal for the car or office.


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Two-layer Compact Blanket


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