Celox Haemostatic Applicator

£24.25 £24.25,

  • Stops life-threatening, including arterial, bleeding
  • Highly effective, professional trauma product for use on narrow penetrating injuries, including stab and blast fragment wounds
  • Clots hypothermic blood and blood containing anti-coagulants including Warfarin and Heparin
  • Celox granules form a gel plug without generating any heat. Residual chitosan is safely absorbed by the body


The Celox Haemostatic Applicator delivers blood-clotting Celox granules directly into narrow, penetrating injuries, including stab, bullet entry and shrapnel wounds. The applicator is pre-packed with 6g of Celox granules, which work fast to clot even hypothermic blood and blood containing anti-coagulants. This is an ideal product for any trained first responder.

To learn more about how Celox works, click here.


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