Compliant First Aid Waste Bags

£4.99 £4.99,

  • Highly visible printed bags for disposal of medical and clinical waste
  • 28cm x 20cm
  • Compact self-seal bags are an ideal supplement to any first aid kit
  • Ideal for first aid trainers to collect used face masks, used face shields used gloves in lessons.
  • Comply with Covid- 19 & Other Infection Control Measures Regulations for the safe disposal of first aid waste items, including face masks worn at work.


To ensure compliance with the law, its necessary to dispose of potentially dangerous biological waste separately from other waste. These biohazard waste bags are clearly marked, ensuring that hazardous waste is handled and disposed of correctly by your first aiders in the workplace. Covid-19 is a Pathogen and any first aider treating a Covid person, must ensure any clinical or first aid waste is handled and disposed of correctly in line with the law.


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