Critical Injury Pack, Standard


  • BS 8599-1:2019 Compliant Critical Injury Pack
  • Kit ensures you have the items required to help manage catastrophic blood loss
  • Designed for anywhere a person could suffer from a severe injury
  • Useful for anywhere people may work with dangerous machinery, power tools, forestry or cutting equipment
  • Following a risk assessment the appropriate number of Critical Injury Packs can be decided based on the level of risk and the number of people (employees and public) that may be in that location at any one time
  • Professional pack is also available, which includes a Z-Fold haemostatic dressing for greater control of catastrophic bleeds and a second tourniquet to meet best practice of tourniquet use


The Critical Injury Pack was introduced with the updated British Standard for Workplace First Aid – BS 8599-1:2019. The Critical Injury Pack is designed to be a supplement for standard first aid kits, and is intended for work where there is a plausible risk of severe traumatic injury. This includes work with dangerous machinery, cutting equipment, power tools or exotic animals. Critical Injury Packs are therefore recommended for a range of industries, including agriculture, forestry, construction, woodworking and glass cutting. This kit meets the Standards required for our Forestry + F First Aid Training and our First Aid at Work High Risk Environments courses.

In addition to the risk posed from work itself, employers may consider storing appropriate quantities of Critical Injury Packs in a location to cope with injuries to employees or members of the public resulting from criminal acts, terrorism or mass casualty accidents. Relevant locations could include sports stadiums, train stations, shopping centres, airports, event venues and festivals.

Critical injury packs are designed to stop serious, life-threatening bleeds which may result from knife wounds, gunshots, blast injuries, amputation, severe lacerations and so on. They include haemostatic dressings which clot blood independently of the body’s natural processes and have been proven in military use to stop dangerous bleeds quicker than standard dressings and pressure alone, and SAM XT tourniquets to staunch otherwise uncontrollable bleeding from limbs. These packs are designed to be supplied in conjunction with, rather than independently of, standard first aid kits.


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What to put in a first aid kit. HSE advice. 


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