FFP 2-KN Respirator Mask (5 Pack)


This FFP2 (KN95) Breathable Face Mask is manufactured from high quality materials in the UK. It is light weight and constructed from soft fabric and can be worn for up to 8 hours. It connects via ear straps that are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit. The aluminium nose clip helps increase the closeness of the fit and prevent any gaps.


Product Description

This FFP2 face mask offers both comfort and breathability and has a minimum 94% filtration percentage with a maximum 8% leakage to the inside.

General features

  • Sold in a packs of 5
  • Colour: white
  • Filter built in (No valve)

Safety features

  • FFP2 grade (KN95 equivalent)  meet the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • recommended for use by the WHO during outbreaks of SARS and Coronavirus
  • Single use (not reusable)

Comfort features

  • light weight and constructed from soft fabric
  • adjustable ear straps to ensure optimum fit
  • aluminium nose clip increases the closeness of the fit


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