First Responders Care Essentials

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First Responders. Grounded in practice and covering the full remit of the First Responder role,

Chapters include:

Photographs to illustrate clinical skills and equipment handling

Anatomical diagrams to aid understanding

Extended skills flags to highlight where you should operate within your level of practice

Reference to the latest legislation, guidance and policy


First Responders. Grounded in practice and covering the full remit of the CFR role, the book takes you through the skills that you need when working with patients. Topics range from communication skills to manual handling, trauma care and cardiac arrest.

…This new and modern resource is a valuable addition to the pre-hospital emergency care literature and will be well-received by those people working as first responders, often on a voluntary basis. I commend the authors for their work. Michael J. McGivern. RGN.RMN.BN.MN, April 2019

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Ambulance Service

Chapter 3: Communication

Chapter 4: Legal and Ethical Issues

Chapter 5: Health and Safety

Chapter 6: Safeguarding Adults and Children

Chapter 7: Manual Handling

Chapter 8: Scene Assessment

Chapter 9: Patient Assessment

Chapter 10: Airway

Chapter 11: Breathing

Chapter 12: Circulation

Chapter 13: Disability

Chapter 14: Exposure/Environment

Chapter 15: Medical and Surgical Emergencies

Chapter 16: Trauma

Chapter 17: Children and Infants

Chapter 18: Learning Disabilities

Chapter 19: Older People

Chapter 20: Cardiac Arrest



ISBN-13: 9781859596081
Published date: 2016-09-01
Page count: 266 | © 2017

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1 review for First Responders Care Essentials

  1. Nic Morecroft

    ‘An invaluable book that is informative and will assist you in the delivery of best practice in attending medical emergencies.’ Nic Morecroft, Lead Community Responder Manager, South Central Ambulance Service

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