Foundation Material for Immediate Care


Pre-hospital care involves the delivery of safe prehospital critical care to seriously ill or injured patients. It covers a broad range of medical and traumatic conditions, interventions, clinical providers and physical environments. The Foundation Material provides a comprehensive overview of this developing field. It is essential reading to anyone involved in the delivery of prehospital emergency care.

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The importance of high standards in training and the provision of pre-hospital care cannot be overemphasised and without it, many of our patients would have poorer outcomes. For this reason it is important to document a standard of what is expected of those providing this activity.  In the 1990s it was decided to write a manual of generic core material, which could be used as a benchmark for training and education. The current edition was first published in June 2016.

The Foundation Material is the supporting manual for BASICS and BASICs Scotland Prehospital Emergency Care Courses.

A responder, who may work within the Health Service but whose normal occupation is not providing emergency healthcare, often provides a significant input to such systems of care, particularly in rural areas. These individuals require additional training to be able to provide optimal treatment, to interact with other rescuers and to look after the patient in isolation until more specialised resources arrive. They must be able to handover the care of the patient seamlessly to others with appropriately structured information and if required, provide continuing clinical assistance to those who have taken over responsibility. This manual is designed with these responders in mind.


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