Remote First Aid – Emergency Burns Cooling Portable Shower Head


  • The product is made from polypropylene (PP) and weighs 20 grams. The same as an empty 500ml plastic water bottle.
  • The ‘SHOWER’ head increases the flow time of a 1 litre bottle of water by up to 6 times*.
  • The head is fitted with a 350mm tube to ensure perfect flow from full when using 1.5 to 2 litre bottles, a shorter tube for smaller bottles is also included in the pack which can be easily changed to suit your bottle size.
  • Standard equipment for UK Police forces washing and decontamination kits.
  • Standard equipment for NHS Frontline Ambulances for cooling burns and decontamination
  • (Also suitable for SCORCE and PLATYPUS folding type bottles).
  • These showerheads will fit all drinking water bottles from 500ml up to 2 litres.


Adding our Emergency Burns Cooling Portable Shower Head to any first aid or first responder kit, will enhance your capabilities to provide emergency first aid for burns or eye irrigation, when combined with a suitable water bottle. Simply connects to 500ml to 2 Litre water bottles allowing the first aider to start cooling burns, when clean running tap water is not near-by. This device also fits Platypus type water carriers as used by outdoor enthusiasts making this an ideal item to add to any outdoor first aid kit. Cooling with clean running water, is the recognised method by the British Burns Association and the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh Pre-Hospital Care Faculty in burns first aid treatment, consensus updated September 2020*.





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