Trionic Cleaning & Disinfection 12 x 200 Large Wipe tub.



Trionic products are:

•    Easy to use
•    No complex protocols
•    Safe to the user
•    Safe on materials
•    Safe to the environment
•    Broad Spectrum biocidal activity
•    Easy to store
•    Long Shelf Life


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Each product in the comprehensive range has been specifically designed to assist in the control of potentially harmful pathogens and reduce the risk of cross infection.

When used separately, every product will give outstanding results but, when used together in their specific areas of use, the synergistic effect enhances performance providing users with an exceptional means of minimising healthcare associated infections.Whilst the products are highly effective, they are also safe and pleasant to use, reducing health and safety implications and are not harmful to our environment.
All products are manufactured to ISO9001 and have been tested and approved to international quality standards. The range has also undergone stringent research to prove their efficacy and all referenced data is available on request.“A clean hospital environment is of paramount importance to all staff and patients” NHS Estates report: National Standards of Cleanliness for the NHS
Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in healthcare facilities is critical to reducing HAIs. The number and types of pathogens present on environmental surfaces are influenced by several factors:•    The number of people in the environment
•    Amount of activity
•    Amount of moisture (pathogens are present in greater numbers in moist, organic environments, but some can also persist under dry conditions)
•    Presence of material capable of supporting microbial growth (Biofilm)
•    Rate at which pathogens suspended in air are removed
•    Type of surface and orientation (i.e., horizontal or vertical)
Studies show that 70 percent of environmental surfaces in rooms of patients who were colonized or infected were contaminated with potentially harmful pathogens.

Cleaning is the necessary and essential first step of any disinfection process. It is needed to render the environmental surface safe to handle or use by removing organic matter, salts, and visible soils – all of which interfere with microbial inactivation.

Trionic is designed to Clean and Disinfect Environmental Surfaces or Medical Equipment.

“Ebiox wipes were effective, in less than one minute, in reducing microorganisms to a threshold below which it was not possible to accurately measure their viability” Independent test – Q Labs.

The way that Trionic removes biofilm is by interacting with the organic molecules, particularly the microbial secretions and breaking up the microbial aggregates using the surfactants in the formulation. Once the biofilm is forced to form a suspension within the compound, it is vulnerable to the QACs and biguanide mixture which kills any additional microbes at the surface. Independent Report – Xenobiotica 2010



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