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This document must be read in conjunction with our specific COVID-19 Risk Assessment located HERE.

Based on information from:

  • The Health & Safety Regulator for Great Britain (the HSE) and the HSE in Northern Ireland.
  • The First Aid Quality Partnership
  • The Resuscitation Council (UK)
  • The World Health Organisation
  • The United Kingdom Government and it’s devolved nation public health agencies / bodies.

We take your safety and that of the wider population seriously. A risk assessment has been conducted for training courses and the following represents safe systems of work to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 on any Remote First Aid and Pre-Hospital Training courses delivered amongst staff, learners, visitors and to the wider UK population.

We have been providing training throughout the Pandemic and have adapted our training to have minimal impact on you whilst keeping you safe.

Pre-course information

Bookers seeking to place a learner or learners on a course, will be provided with the following information below. The booker is expected to pass this information to their staff prior to arrival at their learning class. This information must be read in conjunction with our centres Health & Safety Policy. We require bookers to supply the expected delegate names prior to joining us in class. This allows for us and them to follow the national health surveillance protocols for the workplace regarding Covid-19.

On arrival

  • Arrivals: Learners must arrive at the agreed times as per joining instructions issued.
  • Testing: It is expected that all staff and delegates are following the latest advice on personal testing with results, submitted to the home nation NHS track and trace system.
  • Learners will be required to declare/ show their last test result and that they are symptom free on arrival daily.

During Training

  • Learners are expected to act in an appropriate safe manner at all times inline with national protocols.
  • Remote First Aid and Pre-Hospital Training Ltd has a duty to it’s staff and visitors under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Cornonavirus Act 2020. Both these Acts have layers of regulations and rules in place. Employers and their learners who we deem to be breeching any Acts, Regulations or current UK guidelines, will be challenged and action taken appropriately to amend behaviours displayed. It is expected that all delegates can wear the correct level of PPE when providing first aid assessed skills in our classes and in real world situations. Those that have exempted themselves from wearing a face covering AND ARE UNABLE TO WEAR A SURGICAL TYPE MASK when attending training, would not be deemed suitable to be a workplace first aider. An employers risk assessment should reflect the current position by the HSE also.
  • Any breaches of COVID 19 safety procedures will be logged along with the new measures to mitigate against further occurrences.
  • As a leading training organisation we reserve the right to ask a learner to leave the training in the event of deliberate disregard for COVID 19 safety procedures that could put others at risk. The rationale for this will lie with the Centre Manager and be fully documented.
  • Antiviral cleaning products are available throughout the course and centres used.
  • Our own classrooms are ventilated following the very latest guidelines issued by the HSE & we expect employers to be meeting the national standards also.
  • All first aid training manikins are cleaned as per the Resuscitation Councils guidelines as documented by the FAQP.
  • Delegate training packs are issued per learner.
  • On multi-day courses manikin lungs are changed at the end of each day.
  • Learners are issued with their own manikin face.

End of course cleaning

  • All training equipment is cleaned following the latest guidelines from the above bodies listed.
  • The training areas are cleaned regularly including high touch points.

First Aid Provision

If needed, given by Tutor wearing a face mask, apron and gloves abiding by current protocols.  An AED is present on the premises.

Post Course

  • Learners and their employers are remined of the rules to follow in reporting any positive test results, so that track and trace can contact any close contacts.


  • No visitors are permitted in any of our classes or centres, with out prior pre-booked agreement of our directors.
  • No visitors are allowed to enter our offices / warehouse / storage area at any time, the only exception is delivery drivers requiring to use our toilet facilities and rest room following the latest HSE guidelines.


  • Continuous throughout the day. Written changes at the end of each course and each version kept.

Reviewed by Peter Cook, Company Director, Head of Centre and Operational Manager and dated as above.


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